The legacy of 9/11

Test correction

1) the population’s general feelings after the attacks (3 different nouns) : shock / sadness / fear / anger

2) Medium which broadcast the news: television

3) Places where the impact was the most significant: cities

4) Feeling which emerged in the following months after the attacks: patriotism

5) People’s feelings regarding religion: they became more religious

6) People’s feelings regarding the federal government: they became more confident in the government

7) Decision regarding Afghanistan: the USA started a war in this country

8) Public opinion regarding this decision: they supported the decision

9) Next step in the war against terrorism: they waged war on / against Iraq

10) At home, position of the Republicans and Democrats regarding terrorism right after the attacks: fighting terrorism became a top priority

11) Their position now: the Republicans are more extreme / extremist than the Democrats

12) Present preoccupations of the population: the Covid-19 pandemic and racism

13) 3 measures to fight terrorism at home: ID cards / monitoring of emails and phone calls / internment camps for illegal immigrants

14) Population’s reaction to those measures: they opposed these measures

15) Americans’ views of muslims before the attacks: they were favourable to them / they had nothing against them

16) Evolution after the attacks: they became suspicious

17) Opinion of Islam as a religion: it was considered (as) a more violent religion than others

18) Impact of the 9/11 attacks on the American muslim community: they started to face / suffer discriminationt / they were discriminated against.