Diversité et Inclusion: Working Abroad

Task 1

Study the document and discover why people want to work abroad

Why do some people choose to work abroad?

Expressing preferences

Questions about preferences

Expressing Preferences

Which do you prefer, football or volleyball?


Which do you like better, tea or coffee?

Do you prefer hot coffee or ice coffee?

Would you prefer to go for a walk or see a movie?

Would you rather have dinner with me?

(= préférerais-tu ..)

I prefer tea to coffee. (= je préfère..)

I’d prefer to have some water. (= je préfèrerais)

I like tea better than coffee.

I prefer reading books.

I prefer jogging to running.

I’d prefer living in a city to living in the country.

I would rather go home.

I’d rather stay at home than go out.

I’d rather take a nap than go for a walk.

I’d rather play football than golf

Task 2

Which country is the best place for you to go and work? Why? (Give 3 different reasons)

If you had the opportunity, would you work there? Why or why not?

The First Minister of Scotland : Nicola Sturgeon

This is a great anouncement : Computershare is going to invest in Scotland

It is a major global company supported by Scottish Enterprise.

The number of jobs created by foreign investment has increased by 10 %

This shows that Scotland is a great place to do business and the country is open to business.

Computershare Representative

It is a global organization with over 16,000 staff around the world, which continues to grow.

Technology is at the forefront of that growth

They need to continue to invest in technology,

New products, tools, hardware, people

They studied various places in the world and they selected Edinburgh for its phenomenal talent pool and they have already people in scotland and Scottish Enterprise and FDI have supported them

So they have decided to invest in 300 jobs in Edinburgh over the next 3 years.

From www.gov.scot