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Writing a dialogue

Click on the following link and you will get all you need to write any conversation.

Here is an example of the use of dialogue tags in a writen conversation

Tuesday night.

“What do you want to eat?” Brad asked.
“I don’t care, you pick.” Mary replied dryly.
“Ok, how about that new taco place?”
“I don’t want mexican.”
“You said you didn’t care,” Brad replied, “do you care or not?”
“Not really, I just don’t want mexican, pick something else.”
“Let’s grab Thai then”
“We just had Thai last week.” Mary grumbled.
“It’s obvious you really care,” Brad seethed, “can you just pick please.”
Mary slumped in her chair, “I don’t know what I want! Just not Thai or Mexican.”
“you always do this!” Brad said with a hint of sarcasm, “I am NOT picking this week.”

The silence was deafening. Five minutes passed. Then ten. Brad and Mary endlessly scrolling through yelp reviews.

It was Mary’s turn to throw out ideas.

“What about a burger? You like burgers.” Mary said.
“Meh, I had a burger yesterday,”Brad curtly retorted.

“Nah, it makes me bloated,” he replied.

Brad had an idea, “wings!?” he said excitedly.
“ewww no.”

Silently they slumped deeper in their chairs. Eventually Brad wandered to the kitchen and opened the fridge, only to shut the door in frustration. It had been an hour and they’d gotten no where.

“Tacos?” Mary finally proposed.