Diversité et Inclusion: Sports and Politics

Main ideas

The origin of the problem : Kaepernick, who is an American football quaterback remained seated during the national anthem

His justification : he complains about (= se plaindre de) how black Americans are treated : they are treated unfairly and the people who are responsible for this situation are not penalised by justice. Kaepernick doesn’t accept this situation in a country which advocates (= prôner) justice and freedom for everyone.

People’s reaction to Kaepernick’s gesture : Many of them did not accept it and found it  » disgraceful  » (= scandalous). Indeed, on social networks, many football fans used the n-word to abuse (= to insult) him.

The star-spangled banner : this anthem (= hymne) was written by Francis Scott Key in 1812 to comemorate a victory of the young American army over the British. In the third verse, the author calls for the killing of the slaves who had fled from their American masters  to join the British army which had promised to free them after the war. So this anthem celebrates the killing of African-Americans.

President Trump’s reaction : He advises (= conseiller) Kaepernick to leave the USA but he thinks no country will be willing to (= be ready to) welcome him.

Fill in the blanks (2:52 – 3:31)

In the 1960s, black athletes like Muhammad Ali, John Carlos and Tommie Smith, all leveraged their athletic prowess and the powerful symbolism of the flag to raise awareness about the struggle faced by African-Americans. At the time, they were vilified, called all sorts of colourful names and received death threats. Yet today, we honour them as national heroes and legends in the struggle for civil rights. So if there is one more thing we can learn from this latest incident, it’s that we should focus the conversation on whether we agree with the content of what people say rather than what harm they’re ostensibly doing to the flag when they say it because let’s be honest, the American flag has survived much much worse.

Read the text above and find the translations of the following French words:

  • être d’accord avec =
  • la lutte =
  • prouesse =
  • le drapeau =
  • death threats =
  • se faire injurier=
  • le contenu de =
  • sensibiliser / faire prendre conscience=
  • synonyme de « if » =

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Reading Comprehension

Donald Trump condemned by NFL, MLB and NBA!

NFL club owners have condemned Donald Trump’s comments that teams should « fire » players who protest during the national anthem.

The US president voiced his views on Friday at a rally in Alabama. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, on Saturday, released a strongly worded statement which described Trump’s views as « divisive »and a demonstration of a « lack of respect ».

As the Week 3 games kicked off on Sunday afternoon, Trump took to Twitter to reinforce his views. Earlier on Sunday, Goodell’s sentiment was echoed across the board by the owners of teams including the San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants and Green Bay Packers. 49ers owner Jed York said Trump’s remarks were « callous and offensive » and « contradictory to what this great country stands for » while Giants owners John Mara and Steve Tisch described Trump’s remarks as « inappropriate, offensive and divisive ».

Former 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick rose to prominence last year when he knelt during the national anthem to protest perceived racial injustice and police brutality. Kaepernick was initially alone in his protest but soon fellow players joined him along with athletes from other sports. The 29-year-old remains without a club after he opted out of his contract at the end of last season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans all elected to stay in their locker rooms for the US national anthem during their games on Sunday.

Oakland Athletics catcher Bruce Maxwell became the first Major League Baseball player to kneel during the national anthem on Saturday, before the start of a regular season contest against the Texas Rangers. Oakland issued a statement saying the team « prides ourselves on being inclusive » and supports « players’ constitutional rights and freedom of expression ».

As far as the NBA is concerned, things don’t look too good either ! LeBron James called Donald Trump a “bum” after the US President rescinded an invitation for Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry to go to the White House. The latter had previously announced he wouldn’t go to the White House invitation as he didn’t share the President’s « values »…

The Warriors, meanwhile, said in a statement they would plan their own trip to Washington instead of going to the White House, making the visit a celebration of »equality, diversity, unity, inclusiveness, compassion and empathy, ». Head coach Steve Kerr described the ongoing political situation as the « most divisive times in my life since Vietnam, » and said his team’s values were in stark contrast to Trump’s making it difficult to « honour that institution ». Former NBA star Kobe Bryant also made his thoughts clear on the situation by suggesting that Trump’s name inspires « division and anger. »

Read the print version of the online article and answer the questions

Explain the lead (= chapeau ou sous-titre) of the article : NFL club owners have condemned Donald Trump’s comments that teams should « fire » players who protest during the national anthem. What is its function in the press article ?