Citoyenneté et mondes virtuels: Gaming

Gaming Citizenship: vocabulary list


The positive sides of video games or gaming for older adults:

  • « Interact with friends »: Gaming can be a social activity. Old people can decide to regularly meet up with friends in order to play together; these interactions strenghen (= renforcer) friendships and improve (= ameliorate) their health
  • « keeps the mind sharp »: Playing video games improves hand-eye coordination . That boosts their brain activity.
  • « make new friends »: many online games provide the opportunity to meet with strangers who eventually become friends
  • « disabled can play from home »: they get a new life, though it is virtual and avoid social isolation.
  • It allows (= permettre) to momentarily forget their disabilities, medicines and loneliness (= solitude)
  • To put it short, video games can be as useful as pets, prosthetics (= prothèses), wheelchairs, medicines and assistive devices.

With video games, the notion of physical appearance with all its complexes is erased (= effacer). People are stimulated, motivated  (= empowered) by what they can bring to the community.

Markstrom is a Twitch TV Broadcaster (= animateur) who set up 2 years ago a partnership with Gamers Outreach, a charity (= organisation caritative) which collects money (= to raise funds) in order to (= afin de) assemble portable consoles on carts (= charriot). These video games consoles are offered to children’s hospitals  and help sick children forget about their pain and their medical treatments for a time. For a moment, they feel normal again doing something normal.

This NGO (= non governmental organization) was founded by Zach Weichel 10 years ago.

Developing one’s skills through gaming

Text 1: The example of e-Sports

Read the text and find the following information:

  1. The narrator’s profession.
  2. His opinion about e-Sports (paragraph 1)
  3. The image of e-Sports he conveys (paragraph 2)
  4. e-Sports as an educational tool (paragraph 3)

Text 2: Learning morality through gaming

Read the text and find the following information:

  1. The positive effects of playing video games.
  2. The similarities between video games and books/films.
  3. Paragraph 3: quote what only video games can do.
  4. How do video games encourage free will?
  5. Explain why video games can be used to deal with moral questions.

Text 3: Developing professional skills

Read the text and find the following information:

  1. Identify a new trend among recruiters.
  2. Give the 4 reasons for it (quote the text).
  3. How has the recruiters’ vision of gaming evolved?

Video games and Education