FAIRE SOCIETE: égalités et inégalités – LGBT Rights

LGBTQ+ Rights, essential vocabulary

Introduction: Remembering how the fights for LGBTQ+ rights started: the Stonewall Riots

Document 1 : LGBTQ people's mistreatment in prison

The particular example of gay acceptance in the US army today

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Enacted in 1994, the US « Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell » policy prevented military officers from asking service members about their sexual orientation while homosexual service members were not allowed to talk about their sexual orientation. This policy prevented openly homosexual people from enrolling in the armed forces. In 2011, the policy was repealed by Congress and barack Obama. President D. Trump reinstated « Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell » for transgender soldiers in 2019.

Document 2:

Document 3

Exercice de synthèse de documents

(a) Prenez connaissance du dossier proposé, composé des documents A, B et C non hiérarchisés, et traitez en anglais le sujet suivant (300 mots maximum ; 16 points) :

Say what the documents reveal about the general treatement of LGBTQ+ people in the USA and how their situation is evolving.

(b) Translate the text which presents the « Don’t tell, don’t ask » policy (4 points)

Additional documents


HISTORY OF THE LGBT+ MOVEMENT                                                                                                          Match the dates and time periods with the events and developments.

a) being gay prohibited

b) gay marriage equality legal throughout the U.S.

c) famous gay philosopher

d) gay marriage legalized in a U.S. state

e) homosexuality legal in one U.S. state

f) protest movement launched in the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar

g) first gay rights demonstration

h) AIDS hits the gay community i) gay celebrity on magazine cover

Antiquity ___

The Sixteenth Century ___

Colonial America ___

The Twentieth Century ___

June 28, 1969 ___

The 1980s ___

1997 ___

2003 ___

The Present ___

Document 2: Proud veterans fighting for LGBTQ+ Rights