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Writing a film review

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 Follow these steps to write a book or film review.

Introduction: give the title and author of the book. If you’re reviewing a film mention the director or actors.

1. Summarize the plot in a few sentences.
2. Mention the setting: the place and time of the plot.
3. Say something about the main characters.
4. Say something about the content.

1. Comment on the book or film.
2. Let others know whether or not you liked the book/film.
3. Why do you like it? Why don’t you like it?
4. Is the author’s style good or bad, is the book / film interesting or boring etc.
5. Do you want to recommend the book/film?

Useful Expressions: 

Title, Author / Director, Actors

The film is directed by
The film is produced by..
It is starred by… /
It stars …..
is is a romance/an action film/acartoon/a biography..… The film/book tells the story of…….


The action takes place in … (setting)
The action of the film is set in …
The story takes place in…

Characters and Plot

The main characters are …
The story is about .… / the story focuses on …….
The novel tells the story of …
In the course of the novel the action develops dramatically.
The novel / film begins with… The film reaches a dramatic climax…..
The novel has an unexpected ending.
The end of … is …


In my opinion… • I would (not) recommend it because..… • I really enjoyed/hated it because.… • It is definitely (not) worth seeing/reading..… • Don’t miss it.• I highly/thoroughly recommend it. • If you are looking for a …………story/film you should definitely read/watch…• It is a highly entertaining film/book/play.… • I was pleasantly surprised by …..• If you get a chance to .…

Example of a film review

A must-see!

Skyfall is one of the best action films in recent years. Released in 2012, it is a thrilling James Bond adventure where the past plays an important role.

The plot involves a genius computer hacker (Javier Bardem) who is an ex-spy. He wants to take revenge on the organisation he worked for and James Bond (Daniel Craig) prevents that from happening. There are a lot of exciting action scenes while 007 pursues him around the world. The film is set in different locations, which gives it a very international atmosphere. The soundtrack is impressive, including the theme song “Skyfall” by Adele, and the acting is also of a very high standard.

I highly recommend this film, especially if you are keen on action films. I am sure you will not regret watching it!