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Recap of the beginning of the film

1) This film doesn’t stick to the usual Bollywood characteristics. Why ?

2) So what type of movie is it ?

Action /  Comedy  /  Detective  /  Drama   /  Fantasy   /  Horror  /  Mystery   / Romance

Thriller (Crime Thriller / Disaster Thriller / Psychological Thriller)   /   Western

3) The action

a) The film starts with two surprising scenes, sum them up.

b) Do you see any connection between the first two scenes and the action 2 years later ? What impression does it convey ?

c) Present the 2 main characters



Occupation and work place




Character traits


Reasons for the presence in Kolkata


d) What about the secondary characters ?

Who is Agnes D’Mello ? What happens to her ?

Who is Milan Damji ?

Who is Bob Biswas ?

e) Sum up the last scene you watched.

Goddess Durga

To know more about Goddess Durga, watch the video from the beginning to 3:40; pick her main characteristics and keep them in mind. While watching the film, see if those characteristics apply to Vidya.

Durga Puja

Watch the video below and answer the questions of the worksheet.

Note: a pandal is a temporary structure made of bamboo, wood and clay to worship gods during religious festivals.