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Diversity & Inclusion: Gap Year

  • Term G6

Let's debate

euro/non euro

Would you be ready to take a gap year?

Video Time

euro/non euro

Working Holiday in Canada with Claire - Global Work & Travel

Are you interested in an experience in canada ?


group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Focus on Claire before she arrived : name, age, home country, current place of living, what she knew about Canada, reasons for coming.

Focus on how Claire ended up in Canada : agency, form of help, result, where she is now.

Focus on Claire’s contract : missions, work, atmosphere and colleagues.

Focus on how she feels about her experience : landscape, human interaction.

Reading Time

euro/non euro

A. Describe Woofing.

B. List its benefits.

C. List advice given to future wwoofers.

D. would you be ready to go wwoofing?

Euro: The best job in the world

Here is a press article which tells you everything about the best jobs proposed by the Australian board of tourism.                                                                                                                         

Before making a video let’s write a cover letter