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The UK and Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Timeline

Northern Ireland: from the Troubles to the present day

Watch the video

a) Describe what you see

b) Prepare 3 questions (= 3 things you’re wondering about this footage)

c) Share your questions with the class

Main information :

– Town : Omagh

time : this afternoon Aug 15th, 1998 – 10 past 3

– Casualities : 26 people including a 18-month-old child / 5 of the victims died in hospital

– + dozens of injured at the hospital : 2 buses drove them to hospital

– a dissident Republican group called the Real IRA claimed responsibility for the bombing

it supports the 32 country’s sovereignty committee

– they have less than 100 members

– a misleading telephone warning caused more casualties

the bomb was said to be in the courthouse area but it was in the shopping area

– the people were evacuated from the courthouse area straight into the area where the bomb exploded

Many people were shopping in the area

– it is the worst attack : it was like a battlefield with bodies lying on the road and shattered buildings

Essentiel vocabulary : Find in the recap the English words and their French translation corresponding to the definitions.

Reporting the words of the TV presenter