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Bend it like Beckham

What stereotypes do women suffer from in the society and in sports?

Gender stereotypes

Men should (= devraient : conseil) be able to fix (= repair) broken objects but women can’t.

Contrary to women, Men should be able to fix (= repair) broken objects.

Women have to (= devoir) take care of themselves (= prendre soin de soi) and their household (= foyer)

It is not okay for men to cry = Men don’t cry = Men mustn’t cry = Men are not supposed to cry.

‘’Men can’t cry’’ means that it is not biologically possible for them to cry.

Utilisation du passif

We / People / They think that men like cars= Men are thought to like cars (by people) = On pense que…

We believe that all women know how to cook= all women are believed to know how to cook.

We suppose that men don’t cry= Men are not supposed to cry.

Cette forme passive est traduite en français par la forme : « on » : On croît que.., On pense que…., On dit que ….

Elias is not given the opportunity to cook= On ne donne pas l’occasion à Elias de cuisiner. En mettant Elias en sujet, on insiste sur lui et non sur la personne qui ne le laisse pas cuisiner.

Should : le conseil

For some people, little girls should only weatr short skirts.

Better at

Boys are said to be better at science than girls.

What do you know about British people and their origins?

The main characters

Jessminder : On la décrit dans sa vie de tous les jours donc on utilise le PRESENT SIMPLE

age : She must be 20. But in reality, she isn’t. She is a senior at high school. So she is 18.

Strong probability (90%) : MUST. 50/50 : MAY

living place : She lives in London near Heathrow airport.

origins : She is Indian. She is of Indian origin.

religion : She believes (= croire) in Sikhism.

social status : She is single (= célibataire ou enfant unique) and she belongs (= appartenir à) to the middle-class.

her temper : She is determined (= déterminé) / sociable / easy-going (= facile à vivre). She is seen as a tomboy (= garçon manqué)

hobbies : She is passionate about football. She crazy about it. She adores playing football.

relationships with her family : She sometimes has difficult relationships especially when it comes to (lorsqu’il s’agit de) football, boys, clothes. She refuses to follow (= suivre) her parents’ cultural traditions. She won’t stick to (= comply with = adhérer à) their traditions.

Role of David Beckham in her life : She idolizes (/ˈaɪdəlaɪz/) him

her difficulties in everyday life : She has difficulties in showing her legs and in accepting her scars (= cicatrice). She finds it difficult to be accepted for who she is and for what she does.


age : She must be the same age as Jesse, maybe a bit older.

living place : Like (= comme) Jesse, she lives in London. She is a Londoner.

Origins : She is British. Both (of ) her parents are white.

Religion : She must be a christian, more precisely protestant.

social status :

her temper :

hobbies :

relationships with her family :

How she gets to know Jesse :