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Fighting Gender Stereotypes in Sports

Examples of gender stereotypes

Here is what some people think :

Men go to work outside while (pendant que) women stay at home : they are housewives (a housewife)

Boys like outdoor sports whereas (= tandis que) girls prefer indoor games.

Utilisation du passif

We / People / They think that girls like playing with dolls (= poupées)

= Girls are thought / believed / said to like playing with dolls.

Girls are believed to want a baby once they are grown-ups (a grown-up = an adult)

Girls are thought to like singing.

Women are said to enjoy staying in the kitchen.

Boys are supposed to like cars.

They are supposed to play football.

Cette forme passive est traduite en français par la forme : « on » : On croît que.., On pense que…., On dit que ….

Should : le conseil

For some people, little girls should only wear short skirts.

Better at

Boys are better at science than girls, which is wrong (, ce qui est faux)

Spelling ! Witch= sorcière