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Making New Travel Choices

Vocabulary list


Search the web to find information about last-chance tourism.

Document 1

Polar bears in Kaktovic : audio

Listen to the document and answer the following questions

  1. Explain where polar bears are now making their dens and how they have been affected by climate change.

  2. Show how and why Kaktovik suddenly became a tourist destination.

  3. Report on how the locals feel about the sudden popularity of Kaktovik.

Document 2 : text : Flight Shame

Read the text and answer the following questions

  1. Read the first paragraph and explain in your own words what Greta Thunberg champions.
  2. Pick out the elements showing the reaction of the air travel industry and the changes that eco-friendly travellers can make.

  3. List the reasons why this recent evolution is not enough. Focus on the final paragraph and explain which unexplored option holds a lot of promise.