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Minorities: Work in Progress

The fight against fat shaming

Vocabulary List

Document 1 : Online article

What is Fat Shaming ? Are you a Shamer ?

Click on the link and answer the following questions

1) Who is the author ? For what purpose was the article written?

2) Define the term weightism.

3) Why do people criticize fat people ?

4) Are people always aware that they act as shamers ? Why ?

5) Is obesity a threat to health ? How effective are diets ?

6) What is the physical impact of fat shaming ?

7) What does slimness mean in today’s society ?

A solution: Body Positivity, a movement which fights fat discrimination

Document 2: a video

Bloggers Grace Victory, Steph Yeboah and Bethany Rutter tell Woman’s Hour why they embrace their bodies. BBC, 13 May 2018

Watch the video and answer the questions

1) These 3 ladies are millennials influencers. Why did they decide to speak about their perception of their body?

2) Before embracing (= accepting) their bodies, how did society make them feel about their body image?

3) How do they feel now? What has changed in their lives?

Document 3: Text


1) Does the representation of non-thin people on screens reflect true life?

2) What place is given to over-weight characters in teen series?

3) Why is the impact of TV series worrying?