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Policing Cities

Vocabulary List


Policing in the US and the UK : Differences and similarities

Study the comparison between both police forces and sum them up.

Document 1 : ‘’Defunding the police ?’’

1.Where does the concept of  »defunding the police » come from?

2. Explain the definition of the concept “defunding the police” and pick out the references to recent history. Compare it to the following definition : ‘’Reimagining the rôle of the police in the American society, redistributing some of the money allocated to law enforcement to budgets like education, health or housing.

3. Give the arguments for and against such a decision.

Document 2 : Bringing the police closer to the community

Watch the 55 s-presentation and then study the poster in order to sum up the  »Coffee with a Cop »Campaign.


Document 3 : the response of the MET confronted to allegations of racism


1. Use words from the audio to define “institutional racism” and “individual racism” and explain Cressida Dick’s position about these issues.

2. Pick out expressions used by the two speakers that reveal the tension in the interview.