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A question of language

The English Language

Vocabulary list: The English Language

Document n°1: Anglophones and Foreign Languages

Read the text above and answer the following questions.

A) What tendency does the author of the document describe?

B) How does he feel about it?

C) How does he account for (= explain) the phenomenon?

Document n°2

Answer the questions

a) What is Gottscheer Hall and what does Gottschee mean?

b) What is the surprising characteristic of New York? Why is this so?

c) What does Bogre Udell do? What is his aim?

d) What is the present trend regarding languages?

e) Can dead languages be reborn? How?

f) What is the role and impact of wikitongues?

g) How can new technologies help preserve language diversity?

h) Why are some languages getting scarcer and scarcer? Do people realize this phenomenon?

i) What obstacles does a language meet to revive?

The particular example of Irish

Document 3

Video : European Journal | Ireland: Will the Irish Language Survive?

Sum up what you understood about the protection of the Irish language.

Document 4

A few English songs sung in Irish.

Here are a few famous English songs sung in Irish. I hope you will enjoy them. Do you think Irish music has a future in world music charts?

English and Englishes