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Answer the following questions

1) Why did women throw stones at windows in Oxford Street at the beginnning of the film ?

2) What does Maud think about suffragettes and their fight ?

3) Describe Maud’s life .

4) Who is Mrs Haughton ?

She is a worker’s wife / she is a MP’s wife / she is a suffragist / she is a suffragette.

5) What does Maud’ s husband think about equal pay ?

6) Mrs Ellyn, the pharmacist, is a suffragette / suffragist. Justify your answer.

7) ‘’Deeds, not words’’, what does that mean ?

8) Mr Haughton collaborates / doesn’t collaborate with the police.

9) What happens to Maggie in the boss’ office ?

10) Why does Maud feel so bad about this episode ?

11) Search the internet : who was Llyod George ?

12) What happened at the parliament ?

13) What did Maud do there ?