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Answer the following questions 1) Why did women throw stones at windows in Oxford Street at the beginnning of the film ? 2) What does Maud think about suffragettes and their fight ? 3) Describe Maud’s life . 4) Who is Mrs Haughton ? She is a worker’s wife… Lire la suite »Suffragette

How to describe an image

FOR A START / POUR COMMENCER – to view an ad((vert)isement) examiner une pub(licité) – to describe a photo (fully/completely, in detail, etc.) décrire une image (entièrement / de bout en bout, en détail, etc.) – What is depicted (ce qui est dépeint) is ……………… Lire la suite »How to describe an image

Some Like it Hot

Introduction: The Roaring Twenties and Prohibition 1)Définissez les 2 concepts ci-dessus 2)Cherchez des informations sur la thématique suivante: Prohibition. a) Les origines : l’alcool, un fléau national (alcohol : a national scourge) et le mouvement pour la Tempérance (Temperance leagues / movement) qui se développe… Lire la suite »Some Like it Hot

Roosevelt and the New Deal

The Roaring 20s House Beautiful, 1928 When December was Christmas. Illustration by Antonio Petruccelli from New Jersey The 1920s are characterized by a great boom in the American society from the econonomic point of view: They are called « The Roaring Twenties » or « The Raging Twenties »… Lire la suite »Roosevelt and the New Deal

UK, a maritime power

Illegal Immigration The issue in the British Channel The English Channel: The English Channel, also known as simply the Channel is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean that separates Southern England from northern France. Characteristics of the Channel – It is one of the busiest… Lire la suite »UK, a maritime power

The Migration Crisis

Vocabulary List: Migration Climate refugees : Who are they ? JOURNALIST DAVID FOSTER: Hello from me, David Foster. Take three regions of the world in particular; Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia. The world bank has predicted 140 million people in those areas could be… Lire la suite »The Migration Crisis

How to write a press article

how-to-write-an-article How newspapers covered up the Orlando Massacre

The Landlady

Search on the internet what the Landlady is and who Roald Dahl is. 2. The short story The characters 1)The male character’s name is ………………………….. He is ……….. year old. He took the train from …………………… to ……………………. He arrived at his destination in… Lire la suite »The Landlady


Look at the poster and : 1) say what it is 2) Describe it (what the characters are doing, how they are feeling …. 3) Do you like this poster? Why or why not? The setting (le décor) The film is set in Rajasthan. Look… Lire la suite »Dhanak