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Policing Cities

Vocabulary List Introduction Policing in the US and the UK : Differences and similarities Study the comparison between both police forces and sum them up. Document 1 : ‘’Defunding the police ?’’ 1.Where does the concept of  »defunding the police » come from? 2. Explain the definition of… Lire la suite »Policing Cities

Making New Travel Choices

Vocabulary list Introduction Search the web to find information about last-chance tourism. Document 1 Polar bears in Kaktovic : audio Listen to the document and answer the following questions Explain where polar bears are now making their dens and how they have been affected… Lire la suite »Making New Travel Choices

RELATION AU MONDE: puissance et influence : Le Common Wealth

The Common Wealth: Vocabulary List From the British Empire to the modern Commonwealth of nations 3 key words to keep in mind : – Imperialism : a policy or ideology of extending a country’s rule over peoples and other countries for political and economic reasons. Use… Lire la suite »RELATION AU MONDE: puissance et influence : Le Common Wealth