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Seconde 9

Seconde 9

Let’s break stereotypes

You can hear the words with the following links: Fields: Personality: Equality & inequality: Changing things:                                                                                  Extracted from In Full Swing Seconde What are boys and girls supposed to be and do? Let’s recap the vocabulary we discovered in… Lire la suite »Let’s break stereotypes

Vivre entre générations: Family Matters

                                                                                                                      From From French to English Camilla est la première petite amie de Charles = Camilla is Charles’ first girlfriend. Louise et James sont les enfants de Sophie et Edouard = Louise and James are Sophie and Edward’s children (/ˈtʃɪldrən/) / a child (/ˈtʃaɪld/)… Lire la suite »Vivre entre générations: Family Matters