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Term G6

Terminale euro et non euro

Roosevelt and the New Deal

The Roaring 20s House Beautiful, 1928 When December was Christmas. Illustration by Antonio Petruccelli from New Jersey The 1920s are characterized by a great boom in the American society from the econonomic point of view: They are called « The Roaring Twenties » or « The Raging Twenties »… Lire la suite »Roosevelt and the New Deal

UK, a maritime power

Illegal Immigration The issue in the British Channel The English Channel: The English Channel, also known as simply the Channel is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean that separates Southern England from northern France. Characteristics of the Channel – It is one of the busiest… Lire la suite »UK, a maritime power


Who are the Adivasis? Read the text rapidly and gather the following information. Main facts: 1) percentage and number of Adivasis in the country: 2) The vision people have of them: 3) Their characteristics:  Date of arrival in India: Who they are: Their place… Lire la suite »Poorna

Women’s Empowerment

THE GENDER GAP: essential vocabulary Gender imbalance: le déséquilibre entre les sexesGender inequalities: les inégalités entre les hommes et les femmesA (male) chauvinist: un phallocrate, un machisteMachismo: le machismeMisogyny: la misogynie (A misogynist: un misogyne)Domestic violence: les violences conjugales/familialesTo be on pill: prendre la piluleParental… Lire la suite »Women’s Empowerment


  • Term G6 September, 27th 2022: Durga Mata Idol Vandalised By Muslim Women In Hyderabad To avoid being misled by fake news and information, always check the reliability of a medium with : Main information – 2 women put in custody for vandalizing a Durga… Lire la suite »Kahaani


  • Term G6

Quel est le calendrier de l’orientation en classe de Terminale ? La Terminale est une année décisive pour l’orientation des lycéens. Au 1er trimestre, votre enfant devra s’informer sur les dates d’inscription ou concours – parfois fixés très tôt – à certaines écoles. Il pourra aussi… Lire la suite »Orientation