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Women’s rights

Suffragette, the film 1/ What was a suffragette? explain the meaning of that word. Suffrage = vote / Suffragettes were women who wanted the right to vote. 2/ What did the Suffragettes want ? Why? When did this take place, and where? Suffragettes wanted to… Lire la suite »Women’s rights


Pour vendredi 7 janvier: Répondre aux questions de la fiche du film : WOMEN’S RIGHTS IN THE UK AND IN THE WORLD


Graffiti Picture analysis: Reverse Graffiti Though graffiti is often pointed at as being illegal and mere vandalism, it can also be used as a powerful tool to address environmental, societal and political issues and, at the same time, to raise awareness.You will firstly learn about… Lire la suite »Artivism


The Origins of Gun Culture Fighting for independence : the Revolutionary War of 1775 Listen to the MP3 below and answer the questions with complete sentences What did the American colonies do ? Why was this war difficult to win for the colonists ? On top of that,… Lire la suite »Ameriguns

The legacy of 9/11

Two Decades Later, the Enduring Legacy of 9/11 Test correction 1) the population’s general feelings after the attacks (3 different nouns) : shock / sadness / fear / anger 2) Medium which broadcast the news: television 3) Places where the impact was the most significant:… Lire la suite »The legacy of 9/11

Programme terminale:

Programme Voici les axes de terminale: Art et pouvoir Citoyenneté et mondes virtuels Fictions et réalités Innovations scientifiques et responsabilité Diversité et inclusion Territoire et mémoire Les épreuves de contrôle continu ont disparu A la place, une certification aura lieu avec des épreuves tout au… Lire la suite »Programme terminale: